Pipers may refer to:

  • People who play the bagpipes
  • Pipers, California
  • The Pipers standing stones in Cornwall

Other articles related to "pipers":

Cleveland Pipers - Jerry Lucas
... In the spring of 1962, Cleveland Pipers owner George Steinbrenner signed Jerry Lucas to a player-management contract worth forty thousand dollars ... the recently-failed ABL, as part of an application to bring the Cleveland Pipers into the NBA, and a schedule had, supposedly, been printed for the 1963-64 NBA season ...
Red Hot Chilli Pipers
... The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are an ensemble consisting of pipers, guitarists, keyboards, and drummers formed in Scotland in 2002 ... Also, a track from the new Red Hot Chilli Pipers CD was recently played on BBC Radio 1 ...
Mac Crimmon (piping Family)
... The MacCrimmons (Gaelic MacCruimein) were a Scottish family, pipers to the chiefs of Clan MacLeod for an unknown number of generations ... Popular lore has made the MacCrimmon pipers as one of the most famous families of hereditary pipers along with the MacArthur (pipers to MacDonald of Sleat ... The origins of the MacCrimmons is debatable even the genealogy of the pipers themselves is the subject of debate and speculation ...
Cornish Folklore - Penwith
... Dans Maen translates as Stone Dance.) The pipers, two megaliths some distance north-east of the circle, are said to be the petrified remains of the musicians who played for the ... A more detailed story explains why the Pipers are so far from the Maidens - apparently the two pipers heard the church clock in St Buryan strike midnight, realised they ... Nine Maidens of Boskednan, as well as the more distant Hurlers and Pipers on Bodmin Moor ...
Cleveland Pipers
... The Cleveland Pipers was an American industrial basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1950's and early 1960's ... Th Pipers are most known for having played in the short-lived American Basketball League from 1961-62, arguably as that brief pro league's pivotal franchise ... his start in professional sports ownership with the Pipers, which he bought from plumbing business owner Ed Sweeny to enter into the new ABL ...

Famous quotes containing the word pipers:

    The tenth day of Christmas,
    My true love sent to me
    Ten pipers piping,
    —Unknown. The Twelve Days of Christmas (l. 64–66)