Physical Phenomena

Physical Phenomena

A phenomenon (Greek: φαινόμενoν, from the Greek word 'phainomenon', from the verb 'phanein', to show, shine, appear, to be manifest (or manifest itself)), plural phenomena, is any observable occurrence. Phenomena are often, but not always, understood as 'appearances' or 'experiences'. These are themselves sometimes understood as involving qualia.

The term came into its modern philosophical usage through Immanuel Kant, who contrasted it with the noumenon (for which he used the term Ding an sich, or "thing-in-itself"). In contrast to a phenomenon, a noumenon is not directly accessible to observation. Kant was heavily influenced by Leibniz in this part of his philosophy, in which phenomenon and noumenon serve as interrelated technical terms.

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    Hence anyone who seeks for the true cause of miracles, and strives to understand natural phenomena as an intelligent being, and not to gaze at them as a fool, is set down and denounced as a impious heretic by those, whom the masses adore as the interpreters of nature and the gods.
    Baruch (Benedict)

    A more problematic example is the parallel between the increasingly abstract and insubstantial picture of the physical universe which modern physics has given us and the popularity of abstract and non-representational forms of art and poetry. In each case the representation of reality is increasingly removed from the picture which is immediately presented to us by our senses.
    Harvey Brooks (b. 1915)