Pharmacological Treatment

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Phantom Pain - Management - Nonsurgical Techniques - Pharmacological Treatment
... Pharmacological techniques are often continued in conjunction with other treatment options ...
Compulsive Buying Disorder - Treatment
... Treatment involves becoming conscious of the addiction through studying, therapy, group work, etc.. ... and Aviv Weinstein suggests that the best possible treatment for CB is through cognitive behavioral therapy ... especially depression, so that appropriate pharmacological treatment can be instituted." Their research proves that patients who received cognitive behavioral ...

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    If the study of all these sciences, which we have enumerated, should ever bring us to their mutual association and relationship, and teach us the nature of the ties which bind them together, I believe that the diligent treatment of them will forward the objects which we have in view, and that the labor, which otherwise would be fruitless, will be well bestowed.
    Plato (c. 427–347 B.C.)