Petrograd Soviet

Petrograd Soviet

The Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies (Russian: Петроградский Совет рабочих и солдатских депутатов, Petrogradskiy sovet rabochih i soldatskih deputatov), usually called the Petrograd Soviet (Russian: Петроградский совет, Petrogradskiy sovet), was the soviet (workers' council) in Petrograd (Saint Petersburg), Russia, established in March 1917 after the February Revolution as the representative body of the city's workers.

The Petrograd Soviet became important during the Russian Revolution leading up to the October Revolution as a rival power center to the Provisional Government.

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Petrograd Soviet - German Advance and Committee of Revolutionary Defense
... Its attempts to dispatch Petrograd garrison units to the front were resisted by the troops and by the Ispolkom ... On October 9, the Soviet considered the creation of a Committee of Revolutionary Defense ... Committee, to control the security of Petrograd against both German and domestic threats ...
Russian Provisional Government - Legislative Policies and Problems
... was most obvious with the development and dominance of the Petrograd Soviet, which represented the socialist views of leftist parties ... structure quickly arose consisting of the Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet ... retained the formal authority to rule over Russia, the Petrograd Soviet maintained actual power ...
Matvey Skobelev - Biography - Revolutionary Leader (1917)
... February Revolution of 1917, Skobelev and other Menshevik Duma deputies became leaders of the Petrograd Soviet when it was formed on February 27, Skobelev ... On March 7, Skobelev became one of the 5 original members of the Contact Committee of the Petrograd Soviet which coordinated policy decisions with the newly formed Russian Provisional Government ... On March 12, he was elected deputy chairman of the Petrograd Soviet's Executive Committee with Chkheidze as chairman ...
Order No. 1
... Soviet Order Number 1 was issued March 1, 1917 (O.S.) and was the first official decree of The Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies ... acting as a government following the disintegration of Tsarist authority in Petrograd and fearing that the soldiers who had gone over to the revolution on ... In response, the Petrograd Soviet issued Order Number 1 ...
History - Trotskyism and The 1917 Russian Revolution
... In 1917, Trotsky was again elected chairman of the Petrograd soviet, but this time soon came to lead the Military Revolutionary Committee which had the allegiance of the Petrograd garrison, and carried through ... the uprising was done under the immediate direction of Comrade Trotsky, the President of the Petrograd Soviet ... to Comrade Trotsky for the rapid going over of the garrison to the side of the Soviet and the efficient manner in which the work of the Military Revolutionary Committee was organized ...

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