Permeability, permeable and semipermeable may refer to:

  • Permeability (electromagnetism), the degree of magnetization of a material in response to a magnetic field
  • Vacuum permeability, permeability of free space or magnetic constant, a physical constant, the value of magnetic permeability in a classical vacuum
  • Permeability (earth sciences), a measure of the ability of a material (such as rocks) to transmit fluids
  • Semipermeable membrane, a membrane which will allow certain molecules or ions to pass through it by diffusion
  • Permeability (nautical), in ship design, the percentage of empty space in a compartment or tank
  • Permeation of a gas or vapor through a solid substance
  • Vascular permeability, the movement of fluids and molecules between the vascular and extravascular compartments
  • Permeability (spatial and transport planning), the extent to which the layout of urban forms enables people or vehicles to move in different directions
  • Permeability (foundry sand), is a test of the venting characteristics of a rammed foundry sand
  • Hydraulic conductivity the permeability of soil for water

Other articles related to "permeability":

Permeability (spatial And Transport Planning)
... Permeability or connectivity describes the extent to which urban forms permit (or restrict) movement of people or vehicles in different directions ... Permeability is generally considered a positive attribute of an urban design, as it permits ease of movement and avoids severing neighbourhoods ... Urban forms which lack permeability, e.g ...
Effects of Permeability On Stoneley Wave Propagation
... Permeability can influence Stoneley wave propagation in three ways ... Moreover, as formation permeability increases, Stoneley wave velocity decreases, thereby inducing dispersion ...
Permeability (spatial And Transport Planning) - Permeability and Connectivity
... Stephen Marshall has sought to differentiate the concepts of "connectivity" and "permeability" (see drawing) ... to and from a particular place, whereas "permeability" refers to the capacity of those connections to carry people or vehicles ... The distinction between permeability and connectivity becomes clearer in practice ...
Manual For Streets - Criticisms
... Manual for Streets has been criticised for its approach to permeability of street networks ... Critics argue that, by encouraging permeability of street networks for motor vehicles, MfS undermines its declared intention to reduce the domination ... to the Manual, argues that the guidance should limit permeability for motor vehicles and provide full permeability for walking and cycling ...