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Kirkuk Status Referendum - The Iraqi Constitution
... The IGC approved an interim constitution, the Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period (Transitional Administrative Law, TAL ... remedying these unjust changes in the permanent constitution ... The permanent resolution of disputed territories, including Kirkuk, shall be deferred until after these measures are completed, a fair and transparent census has been conducted and the permanent constitution has been ...
History Of Sudan (1956–1969) - Politics of Independence
... having agreed on the form and content of a permanent constitution ... adopted a document known as the Transitional Constitution, which replaced the governor general as head of state with a five-member Supreme Commission that was elected by a parliament composed of an ... The Transitional Constitution also allocated executive power to the prime minister, who was nominated by the House of Representatives and confirmed in office by the Supreme Commission ...
2006 Interim Constitution Of Thailand - Permanent Constitution
... elected 200 of its members as candidates for the Constitution Drafting Assembly ... December, junta chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin issued several guidelines for the permanent constitution being drafted by the CNS's drafting body ... Whereas the 1997 Constitution required 200 out of the House's 500 MPs to launch a no-confidence debate against the Prime Minister, Sonthi demanded that ...
Law Of Administration For The State Of Iraq For The Transitional Period - Transitional Period
... the steps to be taken after the transfer of sovereignty to the writing and enactment of a permanent constitution ... stated that the Assembly should write a permanent constitution by no later than 15 August 2005 ... The draft permanent constitution would be presented in a referendum to the Iraqi people by 15 October 2005 ...
Constitution Of Thailand - 2006 Interim Constitution - Key Features and Criticism
... interim charter allowed the junta, which would be transformed into a permanent Council for National Security (CNS), to appoint an extremely powerful executive branch ... The lack of controls for the drafting of a permanent constitution ... select 200 of its members to be candidates for the Constitution Drafting Assembly ...

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    One of the things I considered a delightful experience in school was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I didn’t realize the gap was so big from the Founding Fathers until now. And I didn’t realize they weren’t talking about me.
    Maxine Waters (b. 1938)

    The generations of men run on in the tide of time,
    But leave their destined lineaments permanent for ever & ever.
    William Blake (1757–1827)