Pen Register

A pen register is an electronic device that records all numbers called from a particular telephone line. The term has come to include any device or program that performs similar functions to an original pen register, including programs monitoring Internet communications.

The United States statutes governing pen registers are codified under 18 U.S.C., Chapter 206.

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Section Summary Of The USA PATRIOT Act, Title II - Section 216: Authority To Issue Pen Registers and Trap and Trace Devices - Making and Carrying Out Orders
... If a pen register or trap and trace device is used on a packet-switched data network, then the agency doing surveillance must keep a detailed log containing any officer or officers who ... under surveillance the location of the telephone line or other facility to which the pen register or trap and trace device is to be attached or applied if a trap and trace device is ... to include those whose facilities are used to establish the trap and trace or pen register or to those people who assist with applying the surveillance order who must not disclose that surveillance is ...
Trap And Trace Device
... A trap and trace device is similar to a pen register ... A pen register rather would show what numbers a phone had called, i.e ... They are often jointly referred to as "Pen Register or Trap and Trace devices," to reflect the fact that the same program will probably do both functions in the modern era, and the ...
NSA Electronic Surveillance Program - Description - Pen Register Tap
... argued that the program is probably not a wiretap or call database, but more likely to be a pen register (or tap and trace) tap ... the actual content of the call is monitored, or listened to, a pen register is a limited form of wiretap where only basic call data such as originating and receiving telephone ... nature of the data, frequently characterized as "outside the envelope," pen register taps have much lower legal standards than conventional wiretaps, and are ...
Legal Aspects Of Computing - The Creation of Privacy in U.S. Internet Law - (1986) Electronic Communication Privacy Act
... parts 1) Wiretap Act, 2) Stored Communications Act, and 3) The Pen Register Act ... Act The Stored Communications Act For information see Stored Communications Act The Pen Register Act For information see Pen Register Act ...
Pen Registers in Popular Culture
... Pen registers are frequently referred to in the HBO crime drama, The Wire. ...

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