Pat Robertson Controversies

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Special Activities Division - Famous Paramilitary Officers
... of James "Bill" Lair and Lloyd "Pat" Landry — who were Poshepny's superior officers during his assignment to Laos — both officers stated that ... REFERENCE "The CIA in Laos," an interview with Bill Lair and Pat Landry, University of Texas at Dallas Library ... With fellow officers like Lloyd "Pat" Landry, Vint Lawrence and Tony Poe, Wil Green and several others, the Hmong forces developed into an effective ...
Edgar Moon - Grand Slam Singles Finals - Wins (1)
... due to World War I) (1919) Algernon Kingscote (1920) Pat O'Hara Wood (1921) Rhys Gemmell (1922) James Anderson (1923) Pat O'Hara Wood (1924) James ... No competition (due to World War I) 1919 Pat O'Hara Wood / Ronald Thomas 1920 Pat O'Hara Wood / Ronald Thomas 1921 S.H ... Eaton / Rhys Gemmell 1922 John Hawkes / Gerald Patterson 1923 Pat O'Hara Wood / Bert St ...
Pat Robertson Controversies - United States Presidential Election, 2012
... Hinn conducted a 30-minute interview with fellow televangelist Pat Robertson ... At the 1047 mark, the following exchange takes place Pat Robertson "He's gonna win ... will win the election." Benny Hinn "What makes you believe that?" Pat Robertson "Because The Lord told me." ...

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