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Conservative Parties In Newfoundland (pre-Confederation)
... For the modern Conservative Party see Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador The Conservative Party of Newfoundland was a political party in the Dominion of Newfoundland ... The party was formed by members and supporters of the establishment ... Since the concept was opposed generally by members of the Anglican establishment, the early party was almost entirely Protestant ...
British National Party - Affiliated Organisations - Breakaway Parties
... The UK Freedom Party formed as a breakaway from the BNP in 2000, and disbanded in 2008 ... In 2006, the New Nationalist Party was formed by Sharon Ebanks but became defunct in 2007 ... In 2008, the Democratic Nationalist Party was formed as a breakaway in Bradford and has continued since by standing in local elections and the 2010 General Election ...
Communist Party Of Australia - History
... The Communist Party was founded in Sydney in October 1920 by a group of socialists inspired by reports of the Russian Revolution ... Among the party's founders were a prominent Sydney trade unionist, John Garden, Adela Pankhurst (daughter of the British suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst) and ... The IWW rapidly left the Communist Party, with its original members, over disagreements with the direction of the Soviet Union and Bolshevism ...
List Of White Nationalist Organizations - Germany
... National Democratic Party of Germany, (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands abbreviated NPD) is a far-right German nationalist party formed in 1964 ... The NPD was founded in 1964 as a successor to the German Reich Party (German Deutsche Reichspartei, DRP) and considers itself to be Germany's "only ... German People's Union, (Deutsche Volksunion abbreviated DVU) was a German nationalist party formed in 1971 by Gerhard Frey ...
Radicalism (historical) - Serbia & Montenegro
... The People's Radical Party formed in 1881 was the strongest political party and was in power in the Kingdom of Serbia more than all others together ... In 1902 a crack had occurred in which the Independent Radical Party left and "the Olde" remained in the party, leading it to its considerable downfall and veering to the ... the liberal and civic groups in the rest of the new country and formed the Yugoslav Democratic Party as the central, while several Republican dissidents formed a Republican Party ...

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    Opinions are not to be learned by rote, like the letters of an alphabet, or the words of a dictionary. They are conclusions to be formed, and formed by each individual in the sacred and free citadel of the mind, and there enshrined beyond the arm of law to reach, or force to shake; ay! and beyond the right of impertinent curiosity to violate, or presumptuous arrogance to threaten.
    Frances Wright (1795–1852)

    It is well-known what a middleman is: he is a man who bamboozles one party and plunders the other.
    Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)