• (adj): Composed of distinct particles.
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Particulate Pollution
... Particulate pollution comes in three forms Atmospheric particulate matter, particulates suspended in a gas Marine debris, particulates suspended in a liquid Space debris, particulates ...
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
... is also commonly used where the gases are high in moisture content, contain combustible particulate, or have particles that are sticky in nature ... This design allows the collected moisture and particulate to form a slurry that helps to keep the collection surfaces clean ... WESPs are very unreliable and should not be used in applications where particulate is sticky in nature ...
Airborne Particulate Radioactivity Monitoring - Introduction - Some CPAM Application Facts - Detector Type
... in power reactor applications, beta and gamma are the radiations of interest for particulate monitoring ... Radioiodine (especially 131I) monitoring is often done using a particulate-monitor setup, but with an activated charcoal collection medium, which can adsorb some iodine vapors as well as particulate forms ...
Airborne Particulate Radioactivity Monitoring
... Continuous particulate air monitors (CPAMs) have been used for years in nuclear facilities to assess airborne particulate radioactivity (APR) ...
Air Quality Impacts of Unimin Ltd. On Kasshabog Lake
... Discharges of particulate and dust that may cause adverse effect contrary to S!4(1) of the APA including possible human health effects ... Discharges of particulate and dust that may cause adverse effect conracty to S45 of the Ontario Regulation 419/05 Discharges of particulate and dust that result in a violation of the ... High excursion values of particulates require assessment by medical professionals to determine potential health effects ...

More definitions of "particulate":

  • (noun): A small discrete mass of solid or liquid matter that remains individually dispersed in gas or liquid emissions (usually considered to be an atmospheric pollutant).
    Synonyms: particulate matter