Parshall may refer to:

Places in the United States
  • Parshall, Colorado
  • Parshall, North Dakota
  • Parshall Township, North Dakota
  • George Parshall, organometallic chemist from DuPont Central Research
  • Karen Parshall, professor and historian of mathematics
  • Ralph L. Parshall, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, developer of the Parshall flume

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Du Pont Central Research - Organometallic Chemistry
... George Parshall joined CRD in 1954 ... After Muetterties and Parshall, the organometallic chemistry group was led by Steven Ittel and then Henry Bryndza before it was dispersed throughout a number of groups ... Parshall and Ittel coauthored a book on “Homogeneous Catalysis” that has become the standard reference on the subject ...
Janet Parshall
... Janet Parshall is the host of the conservative, Christianity-based radio talk show In the Market with Janet Parshall, which is broadcast on the Moody Radio network ... That program is the replacement for her previous radio show, Janet Parshall's America for the Salem Radio Network that program was cancelled on January 29, 2010 ... Parshall has written several books, including Traveling a Pilgrim's Path Preparing Your Child to Navigate the Journey of Faith ...
Mitsuo Fuchida - Postwar Activities - Historical Controversy
... Midway have been disputed by historians Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully ... As well, Tully and Parshall have dismissed Fuchida's stated attendance on the battleship USS Missouri during the Japanese surrender ceremony in 1945 ... Parshall asserts that "it is doubtful that any one person has had a more deleterious long term impact on the study of the Pacific War than Mitsuo Fuchida." ...
George Parshall
... Parshall (born September 19, 1929) is a distinguished member of the organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis communities and has played a ... Born in Hackensack, Minnesota, Parshall received a Bachelor of Science degree with highest distinction from the University of Minnesota in 1951 ... Parshall is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the New York Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Lambda Upsilon and Sigma Xi ...