Parkes may refer to:

  • Sir Henry Parkes (1815–1896), Australian politician, one of the earliest and most prominent advocates for Australian federation

There are also several things named after him:

  • Parkes, New South Wales, a regional town
  • Parkes Observatory, a radio telescope near Parkes, New South Wales
  • Parkes, Australian Capital Territory, a suburb of Canberra
  • the Division of Parkes (1901-69), an abolished Sydney electorate in the Australian House of Representatives
  • the Division of Parkes, a current regional electorate in the House of Representatives
  • the Tenterfield School of Arts known as the Sir Henry Parkes School of Arts, a museum in the building where Parkes made the famous "Tenterfield Oration"
  • HMAS Parkes, a Royal Australian Navy corvette during WWII

In addition, Parkes may refer to:

  • Alexander Parkes (1813–1890), English inventor
  • Broc Parkes (born 1981), Australian motorcycle racer
  • Dave Parkes, Canadian sports administrator
  • David Parkes (born 1950), Irish football player
  • Ebenezer Parkes (1848–1919), English L:iberal Unionist politician
  • Sir Edward Parkes (born 1926), Vice-Chancellor of City University London (1974–1978)
  • Ernie Parkes (1894-?), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Fanny Parkes (1794–1875), Welsh travel writer
  • Gerard Parkes, Irish-born Canadian actor
  • Gregory Parkes, (b. 1964), American Catholic bishop
  • Harry Smith Parkes (1828–1885), British consul in China and Japan
  • Harry Parkes (1920–2009), English footballer
  • Harry Parkes (football manager), (1888–1947), English footballer and manager
  • Henry Bamford Parkes (1904–1972), English historian and author
  • Howard Parkes (1877–1920), English cricketer
  • James Parkes (clergyman) (1896–1981), Historian and activist from the Channel Islands
  • James Parkes (born 1980), English rugby union player
  • James S. Parkes, former American Republican Party politician
  • Jordan Parkes (born 1983), English footballer
  • Joseph Parkes (1796–1865), English political reformer
  • Kineton Parkes (1865–1938), English novelist, art historian and librarian
  • Lauren Parkes (born 1987), American beauty pageant contestant
  • Michael Parkes (born 1944), American fantasy artist
  • Mike Parkes (1931–1977), British racing driver
  • Nii Parkes (born 1974), British-born Ghanaian poet
  • Phil Parkes (born 1947), former English football goalkeeper (for Wolverhampton Wanderers)
  • Phil Parkes (born 1950), former English football goalkeeper (for Queens Park Rangers and West Ham United)
  • Robin Parkes, Australian businessman
  • Samuel Parkes (chemist) (c. 1759 – 1825), British chemist
  • Samuel Parkes (VC) (1815–1864), British recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Shaun Parkes (born 1973), English actor
  • Terence Parkes, UK cartoonist known as Larry
  • Taylor Parkes (born 1972), British journalist
  • Tony Parkes (born 1949), former English professional footballer
  • Walter F. Parkes, American screenwriter and producer

Other uses:

  • Parkes process, a pyrometallurgical industrial process
  • Mysterious Mr. Parkes, a 1930 comedy drama film starring Claudett Colbert

See also

  • Parke (disambiguation)
  • Park (disambiguation)

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S. Parkes Cadman
... Samuel Parkes Cadman (December 18, 1864 – July 12, 1936), better known as S ... Parkes Cadman, was an American clergyman, newspaper writer, and pioneer Christian radio broadcaster of the 1920s and 1930s ...
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... Cameron Michael Parkes (born May 19, 1958) is an American composer known primarily for his work in Film and Television ... Parkes' concert works, "Gettysburg Address", "Mississippi River Reflections" and "Gershwinesque" (as well as two vocal selections from his score to the musical, Happy Birthday, Mr ... Parkes contributed both music and lyrics to the musicals Happy Birthday, Mr ...
James S. Parkes - Biography
... Parkes unsuccessfully ran for Red Bank Borough Council in 1926 ... In 1935, Parkes was elected to the Board of Chosen Freeholders he would serve five, three-year terms ... Parkes was chosen as Director of the Board for the years 1948 through 1950 ...
Lists Of British Inventions - Industrial Processes
... Bramah Parkesine, the first man-made plastic - Alexander Parkes Portland cement - Joseph Aspdin Sheffield plate - Thomas Boulsover Water frame - Richard Arkwright Stainless steel - Harry Brearley Rubber Masticator ...

Famous quotes containing the word parkes:

    With our splendid harbour, our beautifully situated city, our vast territories, all our varied and inexhaustible natural wealth, if we don’t convert our colony into a great and prosperous nation, it will be a miracle of error for which we shall have to answer as for a gigantic sin.
    —Henry Parkes (1815–1896)

    Our business being to colonize the country, there was only one way to do it—by spreading over it all the associations and connections of family life.
    —Henry Parkes (1815–1896)