ORP may refer to:

  • Oxidation reduction potential, the tendency of a chemical species to acquire electrons and thereby be reduced
  • Open Relevance Project, data and tools to compare the search relevancy performance of search engines
  • Operational Ration Pack, a combat ration used by the British Armed Forces
  • O'Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis, a motorsports racing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Orpington railway station, in southeast London, England
  • Okręt Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, a traditional ship prefix in the Polish Navy meaning Vessel of the Republic of Poland

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... Wilk class submarines of the Polish Navy included three boats ORP Wilk, ORP Ryś and ORP Żbik ...
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... ships served alongside the Royal Navy for the remainder of the war, and ORP Burza and ORP Błyskawica survived the war ... ORP Burza ORP Błyskawica ...