Orc (Blake)

Orc (Blake)

Orc is a proper name for one of the characters in the complex mythology of William Blake. Unlike the medieval sea beast, or Tolkien's humanoid monster, his Orc is a positive figure, the embodiment of creative passion and energy, and stands opposed to Urizen, the embodiment of tradition.

In Blake's illuminated book America, a Prophecy, Orc is described by his mythic opponent 'Albion's Angel' as the 'Lover of Wild Rebellion, and transgressor of God's Law'. He symbolizes the spirit of rebellion and freedom, which provoked the French Revolution.

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Orc (Blake) - Appearances
... In America a Prophecy (1793), Orcis described as a threat to the British colonies in America and to society ... The angel of Albion sees Orcas an antichrist figure, and Orcviews the prince of Albion as a dragon ... During the work, Orchas an apocalyptic vision where the empire is destroyed and the oppressors of the world are stopped ...