Operation Deep Freeze

Operation Deep Freeze (OpDFrz or ODF) is the codename for a series of United States missions to Antarctica, beginning with "Operation Deep Freeze I" in 1955–56, followed by "Operation Deep Freeze II", "Operation Deep Freeze III", and so on. Given the continuing and constant US presence in Antarctica since that date, "Operation Deep Freeze" has come to be used as a general term for US operations in that continent, and in particular for the regular missions to resupply US Antarctic bases, coordinated by the United States military.

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... From 23 June through 28 September 1970 Northwind served on Arctic Operations ... From 1971 to 1972 Northwind sailed on Operation Deep Freeze to the Antarctic ... She was once again in the Antarctic for Operation Deep Freeze from 1972 to 1973 ...
USCGC Burton Island (WAGB-283) - Ship's History - US Coast Guard, 1966–1978
... at Long Beach, California and used for icebreaking operations ... Starting in 1967 through 1978, Burton Island went on eight different Deep Freeze operations to the Antarctic ... In the operations, Burton Island was responsible for creating and maintaining aids to navigation, clearing channels through the ice for supply vessels, laying cables, delivering and dispatching the U.S ...
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... United States civilian and scientific operations on the Antarctic continent are overseen by the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) as well as the National Science Foundation ...
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