Operation Bruilof

Operation Bruilof (English: Operation Wedding) was a planned military operation by the South African Defence Force during the South African Border War and Angolan Civil War.

Operation Reindeer
Part of South African Border War
Location Angola
Chetequera Operation Bruilof (Angola)
Target Vicinity of Chetequera
Date Planned May 1978

The operation was planned for May 1978, to be conducted by Battle Group Juliet and paratroops. This was to be the first mechanised force to be deployed by the South African forces during the war and consisted of the then new Ratel Infantry Fighting Vehicles as well as Eland Armoured Cars.

The plan called for the SADF to cross the South-West Africa-Angola border, with the battle group attacking and destroying several South-West Africa People's Organisation bases around Chetequera before withdrawing.

The plan was eventually abandoned and merged into what became Operation Reindeer.

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Battle Of Cassinga - South African Planning
... The attack on Cassinga grew out of the plan for Operation Bruilof, wherein the SADF envisaged attacking six SWAPO targets around the town of Chetequera ... During the intelligence-gathering portion of the planning for Operation Bruilof, the SADF concluded that the small town of Cassinga was the principal medical centre ... The SADF shelved the plan for Operation Bruilof and planning for a new operation, Operation Reindeer, began ...

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