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Norwegian Films

  • Olsenbanden Operasjon Egon (1969)
  • Olsenbanden og Dynamitt-Harry (1970)
  • Olsenbanden tar gull (1972)
  • Olsenbanden og Dynamitt-Harry går amok (1973)
  • Olsenbanden møter Kongen og Knekten (1974)
  • Olsenbandens siste bedrifter (1975)
  • Olsenbanden for full musikk (1976)
  • Olsenbanden og Dynamitt-Harry på sporet (1977)
  • Olsenbanden og Data-Harry sprenger verdensbanken (1978)
  • Olsenbanden mot nye høyder (1979)
  • Olsenbanden gir seg aldri (1981)
  • Olsenbandens aller siste kupp (1982)
  • …men Olsenbanden var ikke død (1984)
  • Olsenbandens siste stikk (1999)

Several elements recur in the films series. You can note the main sponsor by looking at the villain's cars, the security cars, the police cars, the gang's car, and so on. Usually, Toyota has been the main sponsor of the film series, supplying the films with civilian cars parked on the sidewalks, Crowns as taxis, Toyota Cressida as police cars, Hiace as security vans and money transports, and so on. There have been exceptions, notably Olsenbandens aller siste kupp (The Olsen-Gangs very last coup) from 1982, which was sponsored by Datsun.

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