• (adj): Quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception.
    Synonyms: observant

Some articles on observing:

Intracluster Medium - Observing
... The density of the ICM rises towards the centre of the cluster with a strong peak ... In addition, the temperature of the ICM typically drops to 1/2 or 1/3 of the outer value in the central regions ...
Metanoia (rhetoric) - Strengthening
... I still fall short of it through my own fault, and through not observing the admonitions of the gods, and, I may almost say, their direct instructions (Book One) Here ...
Sufi Observing Competition
... Sufi Observing Competition is an international competition and like Messier marathon, but more difficult with various subjects ... of Iran – Amateur Committee (ASIAC) holds an international observing competition in the memory of Azophi ... in the north of Semnan Province and the 2nd SUFI observing competition was held in summer of 2008 in Ladiz near Zahedan ...
Climate Of The Arctic - History of Arctic Climate Observation - Early European Observing Efforts
... Eleven nations provided support to establish twelve observing stations around the Arctic ... Another significant moment in Arctic observing before World War II occurred in 1937 when the USSR established the first of over 30 North-Pole drifting stations ... on a thick ice floe and drifted for almost a year, its crew observing the atmosphere and ocean along the way ...
Society For Popular Astronomy - Observing Sections
... Section Description Director Aurora Observing the annual occurrence of the aurora and noctilucent cloud Ian Brantingham Comet Information and ...

Famous quotes containing the word observing:

    International relations is security, it’s trade relations, it’s power games. It’s not good-and-bad. But what I saw in Yugoslavia was pure evil. Not ethnic hatred—that’s only like a label. I really had a feeling there that I am observing unleashed human evil ...
    Natasha Dudinska (b. c. 1967)

    Neither look at nor listen to what is improper; do not speak or act without observing propriety.
    —Chinese proverb.

    Confucian Analects.

    No one can doubt, that the convention for the distinction of property, and for the stability of possession, is of all circumstances the most necessary to the establishment of human society, and that after the agreement for the fixing and observing of this rule, there remains little or nothing to be done towards settling a perfect harmony and concord.
    David Hume (1711–1776)