NRA is an abbreviation that may mean:

  • National regulatory authorities (often specifically termed 'National Regulatory Authority'), government agencies tasked with regulating and supervising sections of public service and economy
  • Negative relative accommodation
  • Nuclear reaction analysis

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Chris W. Cox
... United States National Rifle Association (NRA) since being appointed in 2002 ... He serves as the executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, more commonly known as the NRA-ILA ... He oversees eight divisions within the NRA-ILA, including Federal Affairs State Local Government Affairs Public Affairs Grassroots Finance Research Conservation Wildlife Natural ...
Chris W. Cox - NRA Career - 2004 Elections
... According to his NRA-ILA biography, Cox was successful in lobbying for NRA-supported candidates in the 2004 elections. 95% of the NRA-PVF endorsed federal candidates and 86% of the endorsed state candidates were elected ...
Chris W. Cox - NRA Career
... Before his current appointments, Cox held senior positions within the NRA-ILA ... the ILA Federal Affairs Division shortly before being named Executive Director of the NRA-ILA ...
Lord's Resistance Army Insurgency (1987–1994) - A Small Domestic Insurgency (June 1988 To March 1994)
... peace accord between the UPDA and the NRA, as well as the defeat the year before of the Holy Spirit Movement, left the group led by Kony as the only significant rebel force operating in Acholiland ... In October 1988, the highly respected Otunu Lukonyomoi was killed in an NRA ambush, following which a number of rebels left to join the NRA ... in Northern Uganda." Nevertheless, in late 1988 the LRA gave the NRA a number of defeats ...