Northwest Staging Route - Airfields


Primary airfields in BOLD
Name Location Coordinates Notes
Gambell Army Airfield AK 63°46′04″N 171°43′59″W / 63.76778°N 171.73306°W / 63.76778; -171.73306 (Gambell Army Airfield) Final refueling stop prior to aircraft being flown into Soviet airspace
Marks Army Airfield AK 64°30′44″N 165°26′43″W / 64.51222°N 165.44528°W / 64.51222; -165.44528 (Marks Army Airfield) Final servicing point for aircraft; 1469th AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
Galena Airport AK 64°44′10″N 156°56′04″W / 64.73611°N 156.93444°W / 64.73611; -156.93444 (Galena Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1468th AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
Ladd Army Airfield AK 64°50′15″N 147°36′51″W / 64.8375°N 147.61417°W / 64.8375; -147.61417 (Ladd Army Airfield) Was main transfer point for Lend-Lease aircraft from United States ATC pilots to Soviet Red Air Force pilots; aircraft then flown to Siberia after transfer.
Mile 26 Field AK 64°39′55″N 147°06′02″W / 64.66528°N 147.10056°W / 64.66528; -147.10056 (Mile 26 Field) Axillary for Ladd AAB
Big Delta Army Airfield AK 63°59′42″N 145°43′12″W / 63.995°N 145.72°W / 63.995; -145.72 (Big Delta Army Airfield) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1464th AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
Tanacross Air Base AK 63°22′25″N 143°20′00″W / 63.37361°N 143.3333333°W / 63.37361; -143.3333333 (Tanacross Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1464th AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
Northway Army Airfield AK 62°57′40″N 141°55′50″W / 62.96111°N 141.93056°W / 62.96111; -141.93056 (Northway Army Airfield) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1463d AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
Beaver Creek YT 62°24′43″N 140°52′06″W / 62.41194°N 140.86833°W / 62.41194; -140.86833 (Beaver Creek Airport) Emergency landing strip, constructed 1941 by Canadian government
Snag YT 62°21′12″N 140°24′15″W / 62.35333°N 140.40417°W / 62.35333; -140.40417 (Snag Airstrip) Emergency landing strip, constructed 1941 by Canadian government
Burwash Landing YT 61°22′13″N 139°02′22″W / 61.37028°N 139.03944°W / 61.37028; -139.03944 (Burwash Landing Airport) Emergency landing strip, constructed 1941 by Canadian government
Silver City YT 61°01′49″N 138°24′17″W / 61.03028°N 138.40472°W / 61.03028; -138.40472 (Silver City Airport) Emergency landing strip, constructed 1941 by Canadian government
Aishihik YT 61°38′56″N 137°29′18″W / 61.64889°N 137.48833°W / 61.64889; -137.48833 (Aishihik Airfield) Abandoned, Emergency airstrip, constructed 1941 by Canadian government
Pine Lake YT 60°47′22″N 137°32′33″W / 60.78944°N 137.5425°W / 60.78944; -137.5425 (Pine Lake Airfield) Auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield, constructed 1941 by Canadian government
Champagne YT 60°47′17″N 136°28′33″W / 60.78806°N 136.47583°W / 60.78806; -136.47583 (Champagne Landingstrip) Emergency landing strip, constructed 1941 by Canadian government
Cousins YT 60°48′43″N 135°10′57″W / 60.81194°N 135.1825°W / 60.81194; -135.1825 (Cousins Landingstrip) Emergency landing strip
RCAF Station Whitehorse YT 60°42′45″N 135°04′09″W / 60.7125°N 135.06917°W / 60.7125; -135.06917 (Whitehorse Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1462d AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division; also known as Whitehorse Army Air Base. Remained as joint RCAF/USAF base until about 1949; hosted Det.3, 1701st Air Transport Wing (MATS)
Squanga Lake YT 60°29′10″N 133°27′25″W / 60.48611°N 133.45694°W / 60.48611; -133.45694 (Squanga Lake Airport) Emergency landing strip
Teslin Lake YT 60°10′22″N 132°44′26″W / 60.17278°N 132.74056°W / 60.17278; -132.74056 (Teslin Lake Landingstrip) Emergency landing strip
Pine Lake YT 60°06′11″N 130°56′00″W / 60.10306°N 130.9333333°W / 60.10306; -130.9333333 (Pine Lake Landingstrip) Emergency landing strip
Watson Lake/Liard River YT 60°06′31″N 128°50′51″W / 60.10861°N 128.8475°W / 60.10861; -128.8475 (Watson Lake Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1461st AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
Smith River BC 59°53′30″N 126°25′46″W / 59.89167°N 126.42944°W / 59.89167; -126.42944 (Smith River Airport) Emergency landing strip
Fort Nelson BC 58°50′17″N 122°35′48″W / 58.83806°N 122.59667°W / 58.83806; -122.59667 (Fort Nelson Airport) Was main refueling/servicing point on route; 1460th AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division. Remained as joint RCAF/USAF base until about 1949; hosted Det.2, 1701st Air Transport Wing (MATS)
Prophet River BC 57°57′47″N 122°47′18″W / 57.96306°N 122.78833°W / 57.96306; -122.78833 (Prophet River Airport) Emergency landing strip
Beatton River BC 57°22′48″N 121°24′41″W / 57.38°N 121.41139°W / 57.38; -121.41139 (Beatton River Airport) Emergency landing strip
Sikanni Chief BC 57°05′21″N 122°36′18″W / 57.08917°N 122.605°W / 57.08917; -122.605 (Sikanni Chief Airport) Emergency landing strip
Fort St. John BC 56°14′14″N 120°44′24″W / 56.23722°N 120.74°W / 56.23722; -120.74 (Fort St. John Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1459th AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
RCAF Station Dawson Creek BC 55°44′31″N 120°11′06″W / 55.74194°N 120.185°W / 55.74194; -120.185 (Dawson Creek Airport) Auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield
Beaverlodge AB 55°11′04″N 119°26′52″W / 55.18444°N 119.44778°W / 55.18444; -119.44778 (Beaverlodge Airport) Emergency landing strip
Grande Prairie AB 55°10′55″N 118°52′55″W / 55.18194°N 118.88194°W / 55.18194; -118.88194 (Grande Prairie Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1457th AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
DeBolt AB 55°14′06″N 118°02′19″W / 55.235°N 118.03861°W / 55.235; -118.03861 (DeBolt Airport) Emergency landing strip
Valleyview AB 55°01′58″N 117°17′42″W / 55.03278°N 117.295°W / 55.03278; -117.295 (Valleyview Airport) Emergency landing strip
Fox Creek AB 54°22′48″N 116°46′00″W / 54.38°N 116.7666667°W / 54.38; -116.7666667 (Fox Creek Airport) Emergency landing strip
Whitecourt AB 54°08′37″N 115°47′16″W / 54.14361°N 115.78778°W / 54.14361; -115.78778 (Whitecourt Airport) Emergency landing strip
Mayerthorpe AB 53°56′13″N 115°10′41″W / 53.93694°N 115.17806°W / 53.93694; -115.17806 (Mayerthorpe Airport) Emergency landing strip
Birch Lake AB 53°46′16″N 114°33′43″W / 53.77111°N 114.56194°W / 53.77111; -114.56194 (Birch Lake Airport) Auxiliary airfield; now abandoned and obliterated
RCAF Station Namao AB 53°40′27″N 113°28′29″W / 53.67417°N 113.47472°W / 53.67417; -113.47472 (CFB Edmonton) Opened 1 November 1944. Additional Hub/refueling/servicing airfield in Edmonton. Remained as joint RCAF/USAF base until about 1949; hosted Det.1, 1701st Air Transport Wing (MATS)
RCAF Station Edmonton AB 53°34′26″N 113°31′30″W / 53.57389°N 113.525°W / 53.57389; -113.525 (Blatchford Airport) Activated 17 October 1942. Was HQ, Alaskan Wing, ATC; Hub/refueling/servicing airfield; 1450th/1451st/1452d AAFBU.
Great Falls-Edmonton
Ponoka AB 52°39′07″N 113°36′15″W / 52.65194°N 113.60417°W / 52.65194; -113.60417 (Ponoka Airport) Emergency landing strip
Lacombe AB 52°29′17″N 113°42′42″W / 52.48806°N 113.71167°W / 52.48806; -113.71167 (Lacombe Airport) Emergency landing strip
RCAF Station Penhold AB 52°10′42″N 113°53′21″W / 52.17833°N 113.88917°W / 52.17833; -113.88917 (Red Deer Airport) Auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield (now Red Deer Regional Airport)
Innisfail AB 51°58′42″N 114°00′34″W / 51.97833°N 114.00944°W / 51.97833; -114.00944 (Innisfail Airport) Emergency landing strip
Olds AB 51°42′39″N 114°06′20″W / 51.71083°N 114.10556°W / 51.71083; -114.10556 (Olds Airport) Auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield
Carstairs AB 51°34′50″N 114°03′08″W / 51.58056°N 114.05222°W / 51.58056; -114.05222 (Carstairs Airport) Emergency landing strip
Airdrie AB 51°15′52″N 113°56′10″W / 51.26444°N 113.93611°W / 51.26444; -113.93611 (Airdrie Airport) Auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield
Calgary AB 51°07′15″N 114°01′17″W / 51.12083°N 114.02139°W / 51.12083; -114.02139 (Calgary Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield; 1457th AAFBU ATC Alaskan Division.
Okotoks AB 50°44′06″N 113°56′04″W / 50.735°N 113.93444°W / 50.735; -113.93444 (Okotoks Airport) Emergency airstrip
High River AB 50°32′02″N 113°50′36″W / 50.53389°N 113.84333°W / 50.53389; -113.84333 (High River Airport) Auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield
Nanton AB 50°22′19″N 113°39′42″W / 50.37194°N 113.66167°W / 50.37194; -113.66167 (Nanton Airport) 2 x 2,000 ft (610 m) runway auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield, now abandoned and obliterated as farmland
RCAF Station Claresholm AB 50°00′10″N 113°37′38″W / 50.00278°N 113.62722°W / 50.00278; -113.62722 (Claresholm Airport) Axillary refueling/servicing airfield (now Claresholm Industrial Airport)
RCAF Station Lethbridge AB 49°37′47″N 112°47′23″W / 49.62972°N 112.78972°W / 49.62972; -112.78972 (Lethbridge Airport) Axillary refueling/servicing airfield (now Lethbridge County Airport)
Shelby MT 48°32′27″N 111°52′12″W / 48.54083°N 111.87°W / 48.54083; -111.87 (Shelby Airport) Auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield
Conrad MT 48°10′06″N 111°58′33″W / 48.16833°N 111.97583°W / 48.16833; -111.97583 (Conrad Airport) Auxiliary refueling/servicing airfield
Gore Army Airfield MT 47°29′02″N 111°22′21″W / 47.48389°N 111.3725°W / 47.48389; -111.3725 (Great Falls International Airport) 557th AAFBU, Ferrying Division, ATC; Group assembly and dispatch airfield for Lend-lease aircraft (now Great Falls International Airport)
Great Falls Army Air Base MT 47°30′28″N 111°11′03″W / 47.50778°N 111.18417°W / 47.50778; -111.18417 (Malmstrom Air Force Base) HQ, Northwest Sector, Domestic Wing, ATC; Group assembly and servicing airfield for Lend-lease aircraft; passenger point of Embarkation (now Malmstrom Air Force Base)
Vegreville AB 53°30′45″N 112°01′36″W / 53.5125°N 112.02667°W / 53.5125; -112.02667 (Vegreville Airport) Emergency landing airfield
Vermillion AB 53°21′23″N 110°49′40″W / 53.35639°N 110.82778°W / 53.35639; -110.82778 (Vermillion Airport) Emergency landing airfield
Lloydminster SK 53°17′49″N 110°00′00″W / 53.29694°N 110°W / 53.29694; -110 (Lloydminster Airport (OLD)) Emergency landing airfield (closed about 1981 now abandoned, replaced by new airport on Alberta side of border)
RCAF Station North Battleford SK 52°46′06″N 108°14′32″W / 52.76833°N 108.24222°W / 52.76833; -108.24222 (North Battleford Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield (now North Battleford (Cameron McIntosh) Airport)
RCAF Station Saskatoon SK 52°10′15″N 106°41′59″W / 52.17083°N 106.69972°W / 52.17083; -106.69972 (Saskatoon Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield (now Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport)
Humboldt SK 52°10′31″N 105°08′01″W / 52.17528°N 105.13361°W / 52.17528; -105.13361 (Humboldt Airport) Emergency landing airfield
Yorkton SK 51°15′54″N 102°27′42″W / 51.265°N 102.46167°W / 51.265; -102.46167 (Yorkton Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield
Russell MB 50°45′55″N 101°17′39″W / 50.76528°N 101.29417°W / 50.76528; -101.29417 (Russell Airport) Emergency landing airfield
Shoal Lake MB 50°27′25″N 100°36′34″W / 50.45694°N 100.60944°W / 50.45694; -100.60944 (Shoal Lake Airport) Emergency landing airfield
Minnedosa MB 50°16′21″N 099°45′50″W / 50.2725°N 99.76389°W / 50.2725; -99.76389 (Minnedosa Airport) Emergency landing airfield
Neepawa MB 50°13′56″N 099°30′38″W / 50.23222°N 99.51056°W / 50.23222; -99.51056 (Neepawa Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield
RCAF Station Portage La Prairie MB 49°54′11″N 098°16′26″W / 49.90306°N 98.27389°W / 49.90306; -98.27389 (Portage la Prairie/Southport Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield (now Portage la Prairie/Southport Airport)
RCAF Station Winnipeg MB 49°53′20″N 97°14′05″W / 49.88889°N 97.23472°W / 49.88889; -97.23472 (CFB Winnipeg) Refueling/servicing airfield (now CFB Winnipeg)
Grand Forks ND 47°55′44″N 097°06′02″W / 47.92889°N 97.10056°W / 47.92889; -97.10056 (Grand Forks Airport (OLD)) Refueling/servicing airfield (note: NOT the current Grand Forks International Airport or Grand Forks AFB. This facility was closed after the war, and the land redeveloped)
Fargo ND 46°55′14″N 096°48′57″W / 46.92056°N 96.81583°W / 46.92056; -96.81583 (Hector International Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield; 575th AAFBU
Alexandria MN 45°51′56″N 095°23′40″W / 45.86556°N 95.39444°W / 45.86556; -95.39444 (Alexandria Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield
St. Cloud MN 45°32′48″N 094°03′37″W / 45.54667°N 94.06028°W / 45.54667; -94.06028 (St. Cloud Airport) Refueling/servicing airfield
Wold/Chamberlain Field MN 44°52′54″N 093°14′01″W / 44.88167°N 93.23361°W / 44.88167; -93.23361 (Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport) 1454th AAFBU, Alaskan Division, ATC (Station 11). Initially group assembly and dispatch airfield for Lend-lease aircraft; after 1943 controlled by Northwest Airlines under contract, coordinated passenger and cargo travelling on Northwest Staging Route. (now Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport)

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