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School of Arts & Letters

The Department of English offers concentrations in writing and literature. English students have the opportunity to become certified as a teacher at the middle/secondary level. In addition, they have the opportunity to work on Mountain Laurels and Unfettered Muse, North Georgia’s literary magazines, and may work tutoring students at the Writing Center. The English Department also has a chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the English honors society.

The Department of History and Philosophy offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, a Bachelor of Arts in history education, and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in history. The department also offers a minor in philosophy. Students can also join Phi Alpha Theta, the national honors society for history.

The Department of Performing Arts offers a Bachelor of Arts in music and a Bachelor of Science in music education, as well as a minor in theater. The department offers a full range of music courses, including a symphonic band, a military band, jazz ensembles, a symphony orchestra, several choirs, and chamber ensembles.

The Department of Psychology and Sociology offers a Bachelor of Science degree in both psychology and sociology, a master's degree in community counseling, and minors in psychology and sociology. The department also has a chapter of Psi Chi, the national psychology honors society, and Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honors society.

There are also opportunities to earn a minor in gender studies and complete a certification program in gerontology. The gender studies minor program was instituted in 2006, after the faculty self-organized numerous Women and Leadership conferences, committees and lectures. The program offers courses in sex, gender, and sexuality concentrated into the literature, history, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, political science, and nursing programs. The gerontology program has been offered for the last six years at North Georgia. North Georgia is a part of the Georgia Gerontology Consortium through a distance learning partnership. North Georgia offers undergraduate and graduate courses in gerontology. The program aims to provide an introduction to gerontology theory, application, and research, clinical internships with older adults, and to provide public service programs to meet educational, professional, and community needs.

The Department of Modern Languages prepares students to communicate in a multi-lingual world. The department currently offers majors, minors, and coursework in seven modern languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. In addition, there are education and business concentrations offered within the programs of study. There are many study abroad opportunities for students, including an exchange program with various Chinese universities, a French program within Quebec City at the Université Laval and the Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain in Lisieux, France, a German immersion program within Bonn, Germany, and a Spanish study abroad program in Santander, Spain. On campus, students of modern languages can take advantage of the 50-seat language lab to further their study and knowledge of their language of choice, and can take part in summer immersion camps in Spanish and Chinese as well as Foreign Language Day, where North Georgia hosts high school competitions in foreign language.

The Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice offers various programs. Within political science, there are offerings in American politics, international relations, and pre-law. The department focuses mainly on political institutions (presidency, Congress, and courts), public administration, and international relations dealing with Asian, Latin American, and Western European politics. The department also offers a European Union certification and an international affairs degree, which provides students with an introduction to international relations. The department also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. Honor students are invited to membership in Alpha Phi Sigma (national criminal-justice honor society) and Pi Sigma Alpha (national political-science honor society).

The Department of Visual Arts (DoVA) offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art, a Bachelor of Arts degree in art with concentration in film studies, and Bachelor of Science degrees in art marketing, and art education. DoVA also offers minors in graphic design, studio art, and art history. The department offers courses in art education, art history, ceramics, drawing, film, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, textile design, and weaving.

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