Nob may refer to:

  • Nob, Israel, a place in the vicinity of Jerusalem
  • Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond, the Dutch Underwater Federation, member of the CMAS
  • Non-occluded baculovirus, a genus of virus
  • Newell's Old Boys, Argentinian football team
  • NoB, Japanese singer Nobuo Yamada
  • Nob Yoshigahara, a Japanese puzzle-maker
  • Narodnoosvobodilna borba, World War II Yugoslavian resistance
  • Nob Hill, San Francisco, a neighborhood in the California city
  • "one for his nob", a score in cribbage
  • a person of social standing (cf. nobility)
  • Derogatory term for a man's penis, typically used as an insult in the UK and Ireland.

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Oliver Callan
... December 1980) is an Irish vocal and performance satirist and impressionist known for featuring on Nob Nation, Green Tea and The Saturday Night Show ... He rose to fame during the 2000s when his daily Nob Nation slots aired on RTÉ Radio ... by The Irish Times as "essentially an extended version of Nob Nation" ...
1970 ABA All-Star Game - Western Conference
... DLC 12 ... Steve Jones, NOB 14 ... John Beasley, DLC 11 ... Warren Jabali, WSA 4 ... Larry Brown, WSA 3. 3 ...
Nob Hill Gazette
... The Nob Hill Gazette has been publishing a monthly magazine since 1978 ... Home delivered to the Bay Area’s most affluent residences, the Nob Hill Gazette is VAC audited with a controlled circulation of 82,000 copies every month ... The Nob Hill Gazette is devoted to covering the lifestyles of the socially prominent, affluent, educated, philanthropic and community-minded Bay Area residents ...