Ninth Air Force

The Ninth Air Force is a numbered air force of the United States Air Force's Air Combat Command (ACC). It is headquartered at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.

Ninth Air Force was previously a numbered air force activated during the Second World War. For decades, Ninth Air Force supervised tactical fighter units on the U.S. East Coast. From 1983, it became the air force component of United States Central Command. From 1990, units were deployed to the Middle East against Iraq, and from 2001 against threats eminating from Afghanistan. In this role, the organization was known as United States Air Forces Central (USAFCENT).

Until August 2009, Ninth Air Force shared its commander with USAFCENT. In a complicated transfer of lineage, the Second World War-and after heritage of Ninth Air Force was bestowed solely on United States Air Forces Central, and a new Ninth Air Force, which technically had no previous history, was activated on the U.S. East Coast.

This article deals with the current organization, as the lineage of the previous organization currently belongs to USAFCENT.

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... AFB, South Carolina 23d Wing, Moody AFB, Georgia 93d Air-Ground Operations Wing, Moody AFB, Georgia 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall AFB, Florida 461st Air Control Wing, Robins AFB, Georgia 633d Air Base Wing, Joint ...
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... (A7) 396th Fighter Squadron (C2) 397th Fighter Squadron (D3) The 368th was a group of Ninth Air Force's 71st Fighter Wing, IX Tactical Air Command ... Unit Citation, the 368th was the highest scoring Ninth Air Force P-47 only unit with 149 victories ... use Napalm bombs and pioneered the role of pilots as forward air controllers ...
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... (316th Troop Carrier Group), which made it possible to build an effective local air transport service ... Ninth Air Force P-40F fighters (57th, 79th, and 324th Fighter Groups) supported the British Eighth Army's drive across Egypt and Libya, escorting bombers and flying strafing and dive-bombing missions against ... After a Allied air forces command reorganisation effective 18 February 1943, Ninth Air Force began to report to RAF Middle East Command (RAFME) under Air Chief Marshal Sir Sholto Douglas ...
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... (GQ) 356th Fighter Squadron (AJ) The group was assigned to the XIX Tactical Air Command 100th Fighter Wing ... Although assigned to Ninth Air Force, the group was under the operational control of the VIII Fighter Command and many missions flown by the 354th in April and May were long-range escorts of ... It was on these occasions that the group displayed its expertise in air fighting ...
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... or casualties escort is provided by 84 Eighth and Ninth Air Force P-47's and 41 P-51s no claims, losses or casualties ... Escort is provided by 128 P-38s, 268 P-47s and 248 Eighth and Ninth Air Force P-51s May 1, 1944 A mission included the 401st Bombardment Group May 2, 1944 Mission 335 included the 453rd Bombardment Group May 6 ... Escort is provided by 57 Ninth Air Force P-38s, 47 P-47s and 81 P-51s without loss ...

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