NIMR is an acronym that can stand for

  • National Institute of Malaria Research in India
  • National Institute for Medical Research in the UK
  • Nigerian Institute of Medical Research
  • Netherlands Institute for Metals Research

Nimr also is the name for a wheeled military vehicle developed by the United Arab Emirates.

"Nimr" is also a common Arabic and Lebanese given name for men.

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Colin Blakemore - Medical Research Council - National Institute For Medical Research Taskforce
... with Blakemore as chairman, to consider options for the size and location of the new NIMR ... During the process a number of senior staff at NIMR, including the then Director, Sir John Skehel, opposed a move being proposed as the only option believing "staying at Mill Hill ... decision making process when relations between NIMR and MRC management had fallen into mutual animosity." The committee did criticise Blakemore for "heavy handed" lobbying of ...
National Institute For Medical Research - History - 2000 To Present
2003, as part of their Forward Investment Strategy, the MRC announced plans to consider moving NIMR from its current location to a university/medical ... Some staff at the NIMR, including Robin Lovell-Badge and John Skehel, expressed opposition to a move ... both the MRC for losing the confidence of NIMR workers, and unnamed NIMR staff for "undermining Blakemore's position as MRC chief executive." In September 2006, Sir John Skehel retired as NIMR director and Sir ...