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News Councils
... Minnesota News Council Washington News Council List of news councils worldwide Honolulu Community Media Council ...
News Councils in The United States
... The idea of a news council has met considerable resistance from U.S ... Advocates of news councils often point to the Minnesota News Council, which was started by the Minnesota Newspaper Association and inspired by a predecessor to Britain's Press Complaints Commission ... The Minnesota News Council has been hearing complaints since 1971, using a panel made up of half people from news organizations and half from the ...

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    Don’t you see what my power does for me? I could sit in on the councils of kings and dictators. It makes me king. It makes me—Nemesis.
    Lester Cole (1904–1985)

    The conflict between the men who make and the men who report the news is as old as time. News may be true, but it is not truth, and reporters and officials seldom see it the same way.... In the old days, the reporters or couriers of bad news were often put to the gallows; now they are given the Pulitzer Prize, but the conflict goes on.
    James Reston (b. 1909)