Newly Synthesized

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Okazaki Fragments - Experiments
... that if discontinuous replication was used, short strands of DNA, synthesized at the replicating point, could be attached in the 5’ to 3’ direction to the older strand ... used by DNA experimentally, the team pulse-labeled newly replicated areas of Escherichia coli chromosomes, denatured, and extracted the DNA ... polynucleotide ligase, is the mechanism used in DNA synthesis, then “newly synthesized short DNA chains would accumulate in the cell under conditions where the ...
Cell-free Protein Array - Methods of Synthesis - In Situ Methods
... Once the newly synthesized proteins are released from the ribosome, the tag sequence that is also synthesized at the N- or C-terminus of each nascent protein will be bound by the capture reagent or ... Newly synthesized proteins which are tagged with GST are then immobilized next to the template DNA by binding to the adjacent polyclonal anti-GST capture antibody that is also pre-coated ... puromycin molecule to the nascent polypeptide chain, thereby attaching the newly synthesized protein to the microarray via the DNA oligonucleotide (Figure 3) ...

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