Neutron Absorption

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Pressurized Water Reactors - PWR Reactor Design - Moderator
... reactor designs, require the fast fission neutrons to be slowed down (a process called moderation or thermalization) in order to interact with the ... PWRs the coolant water is used as a moderator by letting the neutrons undergo multiple collisions with light hydrogen atoms in the water, losing speed in the ... This "moderating" of neutrons will happen more often when the water is denser (more collisions will occur) ...
Xenon-135 - 135Xe Effects On Restart
... During periods of steady state operation at a constant neutron flux level, the 135Xe concentration builds up to its equilibrium value for that reactor power in about 40 to 50 hours. 135Xe has a very large neutron absorption cross-section, so in the high neutron flux environment of a nuclear reactor core, the 135Xe soon absorbs a ... creation by 135I decay is balanced with its destruction by neutron absorption ...
... of plutonium formed when plutonium-240 captures a neutron ... Like Pu-239 but unlike 240Pu, 241Pu is fissile, with a neutron absorption cross section about 1/3 greater than 239Pu, and a similar probability of fissioning on neutron absorption, around 73% ... In the non-fission case, neutron capture produces plutonium-242 ...

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