Netto is Danish/Norwegian/Swedish/Dutch/German for "net" (the antonym of gross). In most European languages the word "netto" refers to net worth or net pay.

It may also refer to:

  • Netto (store), an international, Denmark-based supermarket chain with stores also in Germany, UK, Poland, Sweden who used the tag line "Scandinavian for value".
  • Netto (Les Mousquetaires), a French supermarket chain with stores also in Portugal
  • Netto Marken-Discount, a German supermarket chain owned by EDEKA
  • Eugen Netto, a German mathematician
  • Netto (film), a 2005 film set in Berlin
  • Igor Netto (1930—1999) is a Soviet footballer (soccer).
  • Ladislau de Souza Mello Netto (1838-1894), Brazilian botanist
  • Japanese Given name for the video game character Lan Hikari

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... Ladislau de Souza Mello Netto (1838–1894) was a Brazilian botanist and director of the Brazilian National Museum in Rio de Janeiro ... Ladislau Netto was appointed museum director in 1870, as a substitute, and 1876, as full director, by the Brazilian Emperor Dom Pedro II, who strove to ... Thus, Ladislau Netto became the most influential Brazilian scientist of his times, with a mandate for modernizing and expanding the museum and making contacts with foreign scientists ...
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... The Netto name is also used in other countries such as Spain and France, but these stores are independent from the Scandinavian Netto ... The Spanish Netto is a chain of convenience stores owned by DinoSol and the French Netto is a discount chain owned by Les Mousquetaires ...
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