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Goliath Heron - Breeding
... Fairly adaptable in their nesting site selection, Goliath Herons generally prefer to nest on islands or islands of vegetation ... The birds may abandon a nesting site if the island becomes attached to the mainland ... The nesting dispersal seems highly variable as everything from a solitary pair (with no other Goliath nests anywhere near) to fairly large colonies have been observed, with no seeming local ...
Loggerhead Sea Turtle - Habitat - Distribution
... The loggerhead sea turtle has a cosmopolitan distribution, nesting over the broadest geographical range of any sea turtle ... Florida is the most popular nesting site, with more than 67,000 nests built per year ... Nesting extends as far north as Virginia, as far south as Brazil, and as far east as the Cape Verde Islands ...
Great Frigatebird - Behaviour - Breeding
... The species is colonial, nesting in bushes and trees (and on the ground in the absence of vegetation) in colonies of up to several thousand pairs ... Nesting bushes are often shared with other species, especially Red-footed Boobies and other species of frigatebirds ... Having formed a bond the pair will sometimes select the display site, or may seek another site, to form a nesting site once a nesting site has been established both sexes will defend their territory (the area ...

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