Nehru Report

Nehru Report

The "Nehru Report" (August 1928) was a memorandum outlining a proposed new Dominion (see dominion status) constitution for India. It was prepared by a committee of the All Parties Conference chaired by Motilal Nehru with his son Jawaharlal acting as secretary. There were nine other members in this committee including two Muslims

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Tara Singh Malhotra - Nehru Report and The Sikhs
... The Conference appointed a committee with Pandit Moti Lal Nehru as chairman to draft an agreed formula ... The committee submitted its report to All India Congress Committee, which is known as the Nehru Report ... About the communal aspect of the report relating to Punjab, the report stated, “As regards the special claim of the Muslims and Sikhs for greater representation than their population would justify--- it is enough ...
S. Srinivasa Iyengar - Political Activities - Nehru Report
... Motilal Nehru was elected as the convenor of the Constitution Drafting Committee ... August 10, 1928, the committee submitted its report declaring dominion status as the goal of the Congress ... The report was presented at the Lucknow session of the Indian National Congress held between August 28, 1928 and August 31, 1928 ...
Tara Singh Malhotra - Nehru Report and The Sikhs - Role of Sardar Mangal Singh
... Sikhs under the leadership of Sardar Mangal Singh took stand in favour of the report ... League would decide in favour of his stand on the Nehru Report, which proved true subsequently ... that if the conference endorsed the recommendations of the Nehru Committee, Master Tara Singh would resign from the editorship of daily Akali and if the conference supported the stand ...
Muslim League's Reaction To The Nehru Report
... With few exceptions League leaders rejected the Nehru proposals ... Lucknow Pact provided these to the Muslim community whereas they were rejected by the Nehru Report Residuary powers – the Muslims realized that while ... Thus they demanded, contra the Nehru Report, that residuary powers go to the provinces ...
Motilal Nehru - Nehru Report
... Motilal Nehru chaired the famous Nehru Commission in 1928, that was a counter to the all-British Simon Commission ... Nehru Report, the first constitution written by Indians only, conceived a dominion status for India within the Empire, akin to Australia, New Zealand and Canada ...

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