• (adv): In a harmful manner.
    Example: "He was negatively affected"
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Uncertainty Reduction Theory - Axioms & Theorems
... Verbal communication and information-seeking behavior are negatively related ... Verbal communication and reciprocity are negatively related ... Nonverbal expressions and information-seeking behavior are negatively related ...
Sodium Channel - Voltage-gated - Impermeability To Other Ions
... sodium channels contains a selectivity filter made of negatively charged amino acid residues, which attract the positive Na+ ion and keep out negatively charged ions such as chloride ... also cannot interact as well with the negatively charged glutamic acid residues that line the pore ...
Libido - Endogenous Substances Involved in Sex Drive
... MC4R agonist endogenously by α-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone Norepinehrine, positively or negatively Oxytocin Progesterone, negatively increased during the week following ovulation ... Sex hormone-binding globulin, negatively ...
Sleepwalking (film) - Reception
... by Dennis Hopper, who plays an abusive father." The New York Post reacted negatively to the film, writing that it is "relentlessly depressing", whereas The New York Times gave a neutral review, noting that "Sleepwalki ...
Protein S - Function
... Protein S can bind to negatively charged phospholipids via the carboxylated GLA domain ... in their outer membrane and hence begin to display negatively charged phospholipids, such as phosphatidyl serine, on the cell surface ... These negatively charged phospholipids are recognized by phagocytes such as macrophages ...

More definitions of "negatively":

  • (adv): In a negative way.
    Example: "He was negatively inclined"