NCC Class S2 - Livery


After being rebuilt to Class S2, No.110 was painted in LMS maroon. The smokebox was black and the buffer beam was red. The LMS (NCC) crest was carried on the cab side-sheet. The initials "NCC" in shaded serif gold capital letters were sited on the side tanks, ahead of the number plates which had red backgrounds. The lining was as follows:

Panel: maroon
⅜in line: yellow ochre square corners
2½-3in band: black square corners

During the BNCR renumbering of 1897, No.110 had received number plates in the series which had "BNCR" in small block capitals above the digits. When it was rebuilt to Class S2, instructions were given that the letters "BNCR" were to be milled off the number plates and in consequence the numbers appeared offset towards the bottom of the plate.

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