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Pennsylvania Army National Guard - Historic Units
... The 103rd Engineer Battalion is one of only nineteen Army National Guard units with campaign credit for the War of 1812 ... There are also two other Pennsylvania Army National Guard units with campaign credit for the War of 1812, the 111th Infantry and the HC/337th Engineer Battalion ... The 111th Infantry is one of only nineteen Army National Guard units with campaign credit for the War of 1812 ...
Rhode Island Army National Guard - History
... The Rhode Island National Guard was established from the First Colonial Defensive Force on May 13, 1638 called the "Traine Band" in Portsmouth, Rhode Island ... Over twenty Rhode Island units had fought for independence including the First Rhode Island Continentals who stood at Yorktown for the surrender of British General ... World War II, the majority of the Rhode Island National Guard units belonged to the 43rd Infantry Division under General Douglas MacArthur for service in the Southwest Pacific ...
Arkansas Army National Guard - History
... Militia in the Civil War, Arkansas Militia in Reconstruction, and Arkansas State Guard and the Spanish-American War The Arkansas National Guard traces its ... generally waxed and waned throughout the 19th century as various national emergencies arose and passed ... Further information Arkansas National Guard during World War I Following the Spanish American War, the Federal Government slowly began to provide increasing funding and direction to the state militias with the ...
Camp Grayling
... Camp Grayling is the main training facility for the Michigan National Guard and is the largest National Guard training facility in the nation ... the summer months Camp Grayling hosts National Guard units from Michigan, the surrounding states and Canada ... Forward Operating Bases have been constructed to allow company-sized units to simulate operations ...
Mississippi Army National Guard - History
... The Mississippi Army National Guard came into existence under Winthrop Sargent, the first Governor of the Mississippi Territory, with the issuance of an order on September 8, 1798 organizing the Militia of the ... Regiment (ARNG MS) is one of only nineteen Army National Guard units with campaign credit for the War of 1812, and the only one from west of the Appalachians ... Establishment of units varied from year to year, and ways of obtaining strength for the units also varied ...

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