National Assembly of The Batavian Republic

National Assembly Of The Batavian Republic

The National Assembly of the Batavian Republic was the name for the Dutch parliament between 1796 and 1801. The National assembly was founded in 1796 after general elections. It replaced the States-General of the Batavian Republic. The President of the National Assembly was the head of state of the Batavian Republic between 1796 and 1798, during his term in office (usually half a month).

A number of members of the second National Assembly (elected in 1797) were expelled after the coup d'├ętat of 25 January 1798 by Pieter Vreede, with the help of general Daendels. This rump-Assembly was itself dissolved after a second coup on 12 June 1798, again by Daendels. A new Representative Assembly came into being after the elections of 1798, that were then held under a new constitution. Under that new constitution the head of state of the Batavian Republic was a member of the Uitvoerend Bewind.

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