National Armed Forces

Narodowe Siły Zbrojne (English National Armed Forces, NSZ) was a Polish, anti-Soviet and anti-Nazi paramilitary organization which was part of the Polish resistance movement in World War II, fighting the Nazi German occupation of Poland in the General Government, and later the Soviet puppet state known as the Polish People's Republic.

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National Armed Forces Of The Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela - Organization and Structure - Operational Strategic Command
... programming, planning, management, implementation and strategic joint operational control of the National Armed Forces, with jurisdiction over the entire geographical ... organization is supported legally by the current Article 60 of the Organic Law of the National Armed Forces (LOFAN) ... This body was called by the Law of Armed Forces LOFAN CUFAN (Unified Command of the Armed Forces) ...
Raid On Mittenheide - The Attack
... Colonel Stanislaw Karolkiewicz and his unit of 28 well-armed men, avoiding German troops, started off from the Wysokie Mazowieckie County ... cooperating with local structures of the National Armed Forces, which was a dominant underground organization in this part of occupied Poland and whose members provided ... Kazimierz Krajewski, in 1943 the village was an armed settlement (each house was armed and the men were organised in paramilitary formation of Landwache) of 1000 people and an unknown number of escapees ...
National Military Organization
... Narodowa Organizacja Wojskowa (National Military Organization) was one of the Polish resistance movements in World War II ... in 1939, it did not agree to merge with the Service for Poland's Victory (SZP)/Union of Armed Struggle (ZWZ)/Armia Krajowa but recognized the Polish government in exile ... Politically related to the National Party (SN) ...
National Armed Forces - Post-war Persecution and Later Rehabilitation
... regained independence from the Soviet occupation, the National Armed Force underground soldiers were rehabilitated and given the official status of war veterans, receiving pensions and ...

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    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    But the creative person is subject to a different, higher law than mere national law. Whoever has to create a work, whoever has to bring about a discovery or deed which will further the cause of all of humanity, no longer has his home in his native land but rather in his work.
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