Myōshin-ji - Sub-temples



There are 40-odd sub-temples (塔頭, tatchū?) of the main temple (Myōshin-ji states 46, but lists 49), of which 30-odd are within the grounds of the main complex, and 10 are in the surrounding area. These include:

Within the grounds
Open year-round
  • Taizō-in (退蔵院?) – most noted sub-temple, garden and ink paintings
  • Shunkō-in (春光院?) – connections with Christianity and with Buddhist philosophy, meditation in English
  • Daishin-in (大心院?) – rock garden "aum garden" (阿吽の庭, aun no niwa?), shukubō
  • Keishun-in (桂春院?) – tea garden (matcha tea served)
Seasonal openings
  • Tōrin-in – seasonal openings (parts of January, July, and October), year-round shukubō and shōjin-ryōri
  • Daihō-in 大法院 – spring and autumn openings (new leaves and autumn leaves: early April through early May, and November, respectively)
Limited admission (conditions apply)
  • Daiyū-in 大雄院
Closed to public


Off the grounds
Open to the public
  • Ryōan-ji – short walk away, world-famous rock garden, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Limited admission
  • Eshō-in 慧照院 – just south of main grounds, limited admission; seasonal opening for camellia garden in late April
  • Seigen-in 西源院 – just south of Ryōan-ji, limited admission
Closed to the public


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