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NAND Flash Memory Makers

In 2010, IM Flash began producing 25 nm NAND Flash, with the combination of 193 nm immersion lithography and double patterning.

Similar to the multiple patterning approach described for Intel's 11 nm process, in actual practice, NAND Flash memory array patterning using the spacer approach would use 3 or more mask exposures. The first mask patterns the array core by defining the spacers, while a second mask is used to crop or trim the spacers to form individual lines. Lastly, additional masks or multiple patterning would be used to pattern peripheral connections, e.g., pads. As a result, Flash memory patterning can generally be considered multiple patterning, not just a spacer-based double-patterning technique.

At IEDM 2011, Hynix is expected to report on a 15 nm NAND process, making use of, among other things, quadruple spacer patterning.

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