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Software Development Methodology - Subtopics - Modeling Language
... A modeling language is any artificial language that can be used to express information or knowledge or systems in a structure that is defined by a ... A modeling language can be graphical or textual ... Graphical modeling languages use a diagram techniques with named symbols that represent concepts and lines that connect the symbols and that ...
Modeling Language - Applications
... Various kinds of modeling languages are applied in different disciplines, including computer science, information management, business process modeling, software engineering, and systems engineering ... Modeling languages can be used to specify system requirements, structures and behaviors ... Modeling languages are intended to be used to precisely specify systems so that stakeholders (e.g ...
Type of Modeling Languages - Graphical Types
... Example of graphical modeling languages in the field of computer science, project management and systems engineering Behavior Trees are a formal, graphical modeling language used primarily in systems ... used to unambiguously represent the hundreds or even thousands of natural language requirements that are typically used to express the stakeholder needs for a large-scale ... Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN, and the XML form BPML) is an example of a Process Modeling language ...
Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture And Methodology - GERAM Topics - GERAM Components
... concepts include enterprise systems life cycle business process modeling modeling languages for different users of the architecture (business users, system designers, IT modeling ... Generic Enterprise Modeling Languages (GEML) Define the generic constructs (building blocks) for enterprise modeling adapted to the different needs of people creating and using enterprise models ... Generic Enterprise Modeling Tools (GEMT) Define the generic implementation of enterprise-integration methodologies and modeling languages and other support for ...

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    People in places many of us never heard of, whose names we can’t pronounce or even spell, are speaking up for themselves. They speak in languages we once classified as “exotic” but whose mastery is now essential for our diplomats and businessmen. But what they say is very much the same the world over. They want a decent standard of living. They want human dignity and a voice in their own futures. They want their children to grow up strong and healthy and free.
    Hubert H. Humphrey (1911–1978)

    The computer takes up where psychoanalysis left off. It takes the ideas of a decentered self and makes it more concrete by modeling mind as a multiprocessing machine.
    Sherry Turkle (b. 1948)