Modal Logics

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Impossible World - Applications - Non-normal Modal Logics
... as a purely technical device to provide semantics for modal logics weaker than the system K — in particular, modal logics that reject the rule of necessitation ... Such logics are typically referred to as "non-normal." Under the standard interpretation of modal vocabulary in Kripke semantics, we have if and only if in each model, holds in ... fail, and hence, at our original world, fails to be necessary, despite being a truth of the logic ...
Modal Logic - Temporal Logic
... Temporal logic is an approach to the semantics of expressions with tense, that is, expressions with qualifications of when ... In temporal logic, tense constructions are treated in terms of modalities, where a standard method for formalizing talk of time is to use two pairs of operators, one for ... the case that P There are then at least three modal logics that we can develop ...
Modal Logic - Formalizations - Axiomatic Systems
... The first formalizations of modal logic were axiomatic ... example, describe 42 normal and 25 non-normal modal logics ... Modern treatments of modal logic begin by augmenting the propositional calculus with two unary operations, one denoting "necessity" and the other "possibility" ...

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