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List Of Monk Characters - Recurring Characters and Special Appearances - Mitch Teeger
... Lieutenant Commander Mitch Teeger (1971–1998) is Natalie's late husband who was a fighter pilot in the United States Navy ... Much of what is known about Mitch is known through the Monk novel series by Lee Goldberg ... Monk Goes to Hawaii, Natalie reveals that Mitch died two days before his 27th birthday, which would place his birth date in 1971, and would make him 41 if he ...

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    I call it our collective inheritance of isolation. We inherit isolation in the bones of our lives. It is passed on to us as sure as the shape of our noses and the length of our legs. When we are young, we are taught to keep to ourselves for reasons we may not yet understand. As we grow up we become the “men who never cry” and the “women who never complain.” We become another generation of people expected not to bother others with our problems.
    Paula C. Lowe (20th century)