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Separate School
... In these six jurisdictions a civil electorate, composed of the members of the minority faith, elects separate school trustees according to the province's ... Only Protestants or Roman Catholics, whichever is the minority faith population compared to the other in a community, can consider the establishment of separate school education ... The separate school establishment right is not available to citizens of any other faith (such as Jews, or Mormons, or Hindus, or Muslims) ...
Maher V. Town Council Of Portland - Decision of The New Brunswick Supreme Court - Concurring Reasons of Justice Fisher
... It was not simply a right of privilege of the minority faith which triggers paragraph 93(1) ... It had to be a right or privilege, of the members of the minority faith, with respect to denominational schools, which they had at law at the time of Union, and which was prejudicially ... at the time of union, to determine if any such school existed at law, and if the right of the minority faith has been prejudicially affected ...

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    Some of the offers that have come to me would never have come if I had not been President. That means these people are trying to hire not Calvin Coolidge, but a former President of the United States. I can’t make that kind of use of the office.... I can’t do anything that might take away from the Presidency any of its dignity, or any of the faith people have in it.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    Time and I against any two.
    —Spanish proverb.

    Quoted by Cardinal Mazarin during the minority of Louis XIV.