Minolta XD-7

The Minolta XD-7 (sold as the XD-11 in the U.S. and as the XD in Japan) was a 35mm SLR camera manufactured by Minolta and introduced in 1977. It was the first camera to feature both shutter priority and aperture priority automatic exposure modes. The camera also offered fully metered manual exposure as well as depth of field preview and an eyepiece shutter. Also included were fully mechanical "O" (1/100 sec) and bulb settings, which allowed it to operate without a battery. The XD-7 was the top-of-the-line Minolta camera when it was in production and retains a reputation for quality. It was Minolta's last metal-bodied SLR design before the company switched to plastic with the X-700.

There was also a less-expensive version of the XD-7 called the XD-5. Introduced in 1979, the XD-5 was mostly identical to the XD-7 but without some of the higher-end features like the eyepiece shutter or the display of the selected shutter speed in the viewfinder in manual exposure mode.

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