Ming Dow - Endorsements


Year Product Type
2001 Olay Face Wash Cosmetic
Supao Sport Drink 舒跑運動飲料 Beverage
2002 KYMCO 光陽機車 Motor sports equipment
Jasmine Green Tea 茉莉綠茶 Beverage
2004 Sweet Promise - 2SWEET Gold Jewelry 甜蜜約定 2SWEET金飾 Accessories
2005 Bolife Juice 波蜜果菜汁 Beverage
Proman Underwear 豪門內衣 Clothing
US Cotton 美國棉代
2006 Caterpillar Watch Accessories
2007 Cloie Watch Accessories
New Era of Casual Sport Shoes 新紀元休閒鞋 Clothing
Eminu Clothing 依米奴休閒服飾 Clothing
2008 "Batman Begins 6 - The Dark Knight" Asian voice
2009 Crest Tooth paste
2010 New York Wedding Photography Clothing
2011 Ladies Bra Clothing
2012 Grain Valley Beverage

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