Mina may refer to:

  • Mina, a folk word related with the extraction of mineral resources (mines)
  • Mina (given name), a given name (and list of people and characters with that name)
  • Mina (surname), a surname (and list of people with that name)
  • Mina (unit), an ancient Near Eastern unit of weight and currency

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List Of Darker Than Black Characters - Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
... He is killed by Mina who stabs him through the head with her sword ... Mina Hazuki (葉月 水無, Hazuki Mina?) Voiced by Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese), Kara Edwards (English) A colleague of Genma's, Mina is a Contractor with the ability to charge any object with energy, which she uses ... After killing Genma in revenge for Yōko's death, Mina disappears ...
La Mina
... La Mina is an album by Italian singer Mina, distributed in 1975 back to back with album Minacantalucio ...
Mina Qaboos
... Mina Qaboos (also referred to as Port Qaboos) is the largest port in Muscat, Oman ... Muttrah" by the Qaboos bin Said al Said's prececessor (Said bin Taimur), Mina Qaboos' construction was completed in the 1970s ...
Sky High (TV Series) - Plot
... In life, her name was Mina…murdered by a supernatural serial killer ... In the movie, Mina takes the place of the previous Guardian, killed by a demon ... Mina is then unwittingly thrust into the role she plays in the TV series as Izuko, Guardian of the Gate—responsible for guiding the dead to sometimes happy and sometimes heart breaking ends ...
Mina, Nuevo León - Geography
... Mina is the sixth largest municipality in Nuevo León, though it has one of the lowest population density among municipalities, being just ahead of Vallecillo and Parás ... Mina borders north with the municipality of Candela, west with Castaños and southwest with Ramos Arizpe in the state of Coahuila, and northeast with the municipalities of Bustamante and ... in the highlands of the municipality close to Minas Viejas and Caja Pinta mountain range ...