Millennium Development Goals - Improvements


To meet the challenge of overcoming global health inequalities and make foreign aid more effective in attaining the Millennium Development Goals, more health services are suggested to be provided to the developing countries. Since the living condition of the developed countries are not organized well and getting worse, many health workers removed from the poor countries to other places which offer a better paid and good living environment. Even though the health workers who are willing to stay, they are not trained well. As a result, these health care workers infected disease when they worked at the poor countries. Cuba, one of small and low income countries, played a significant role of providing medical services to developing nations. It has trained more than 14500 medical students from 30 different countries at its Latin American School of Medicine in Havana since 1999. Moreover, Cuba had 36000 health physicians worked in 72 countries, from Europe to South-East Asia, 31 African countries and 29 countries in the America. Countries like Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua depend on Cuba assistance to improve their living conditions. It is noted that the training of health care workers should be counted as a budget consideration of developed countries. Furthermore, to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, not only rising developed countries’ aid, but also provide more accessible services to people, especially the people in the lower income countries. Wealthy countries should cooperate with low income or middle income countries by operating programs both in short run and long run. Besides that, some researchers suggested that developed countries should treat global health inequalities and humanitarian issue as a part of national strategic.

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