Military Aid

Military aid is aid which is used to assist an ally in its defense efforts, or to assist a poor country in maintaining control over its own territory. Many countries receive military aid to help with counter-insurgency efforts. Or it could be given to rebellions to help fight another country.

This aid may be given in the form of credits for foreign militaries to buy weapons and equipment from the donor country.

Military aid is often the subject of controversy.

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The Soviet Union And The Iran–Iraq War - Soviet Policy Towards The Iran–Iraq War - The USSR Tilts Towards Iraq (1982–86)
... officially still neutral, the USSR gradually increased economic and military support to Iraq to stop the collapse of Saddam ... friendly relations with the West by boosting military aid to Saddam ... Iraq became "the largest recipient of Soviet-bloc military aid among the countries of the Third World" ...
Maria Eugenia Sampallo - US Involvement With The Junta
... Despite the fact that at least six US citizens had been "disappeared" by the Argentine military by 1976 and the fact that the U.S ... State, Henry Kissinger had secretly given their approval to Argentina's new military rulers ... officials gave their full support to the Argentine military junta and urged them to hurry up and finish their actions before the U.S ...
Israel–United States Military Relations - Military Aid - Foreign Military Financing
... Note This is not a comprehensive listing of US ESF and military aid to Israel. 2012 (estimate) $3,075,000,000 $3,075,000,000 FMF - Foreign Military Financing (direct military aid) ESF - Economic Support Fund (open-ended monetary assistance that can be used to offset military spending ...
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... MACA encompasses three types of assistance Military Aid to other Government Departments Military Aid to the Civil Power Military Aid to the Civil Community ...

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    Marcus Garvey (1887–1940)

    Who are we? And for what are we going to fight? Are we the titled slaves of George the Third? The military conscripts of Napoleon the Great? Or the frozen peasants of the Russian Czar? No—we are the free born sons of America; the citizens of the only republic now existing in the world; and the only people on earth who possess rights, liberties, and property which they dare call their own.
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