Metacomet Ridge

The Metacomet Ridge, Metacomet Ridge Mountains, or Metacomet Range of southern New England, United States, is a narrow and steep fault-block mountain ridge known for its extensive cliff faces, scenic vistas, microclimate ecosystems, and communities of plants considered rare or endangered. An important recreation resource located within 10 miles (16 km) of a population corridor of over 1.5 million people, the ridge is home to four long-distance hiking trails and over a dozen parks and recreation areas including several state and nationally recognized historic sites. Because of its natural, historic, and recreational value, the ridge has been the focus of ongoing conservation efforts involving municipal, state, and national agencies and nearly two dozen non-profit organizations.

The Metacomet Ridge extends from New Haven and Branford, Connecticut, on Long Island Sound, through the Connecticut River Valley region of Massachusetts, to northern Franklin County, 2 miles (3 km) short of the Vermont and New Hampshire borders, a distance of 100 miles (160 km). Younger and geologically distinct from the nearby Appalachian Mountains and surrounding uplands, the Metacomet Ridge is composed of volcanic basalt, also known as trap rock, and sedimentary rock in faulted and tilted layers many hundreds of feet thick. In most but not all cases, the basalt layers are dominant, prevalent, and exposed. Although only 1,200 feet (370 m) above sea level at its highest, with an average summit elevation of 725 feet (221 m), the Metacomet Ridge rises dramatically from much lower valley elevations, making it a prominent landscape feature.

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... The origin of Chauncey Peak and the Metacomet Ridge dates back 200 million years ago with the rifting apart of North America from Eurasia in the process that would ... In the area that is now the Metacomet Ridge and surrounding sedimentary rock basin, massive basalt (traprock) lava flows spread across the prehistoric rift valley, some of them several hundred feet ... traprock lava sheets, creating the cliffline of the Metacomet Ridge as it is today ...
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... in the area, and made tools and arrowheads from the basalt rock of the Metacomet Ridge ... New England under the leadership of the sachem Metacomet ... the National Park Service suggests that the Metacomet Ridge may have remained more or less forested (cleared only intermittently) throughout New England's agricultural period, thereby ...
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... areas, and fragile ecosystems, the Metacomet Ridge is most endangered by encroaching suburban sprawl ... Ridges and mountains affected include Trimountain, Bradley Mountain, Totoket Mountain, Chauncey Peak, Rattlesnake Mountain, East Mountain, Pocumtuck Ridge, and the ... Development and quarrying threats to the Metacomet Ridge have resulted in public open space acquisition efforts through collective purchasing and fundraising, active solicitation of land ...
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... of the more notable summits and sub–ranges that make up the crest of the Metacomet Ridge, a fault-block landform located in Connecticut and Massachusetts, known for its microclimate ecosystems, rare plant ... In southern Connecticut, the Metacomet Ridge consists of two parallel ridges the western ridge terminates near Meriden, Connecticut while the eastern ridge continues north into ... East Rock 366 ft (112 m) New Haven and Hamden West Rock Ridge 700 ft (213 m) * New Haven, Hamden, Woodbridge, and Bethany Sleeping Giant 739 ft (225 m) Hamden and Wallingford Mount Sanford 880 ft (270 m ...
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... The Metacomet Ridge that forms the spine of the Metacomet Trail was formed 200 million years ago during the late Triassic and early Jurassic periods, and is composed of trap rock ... made of fractured basalt scree are visible beneath many of the cliffs along the Metacomet Trail ... The Metacomet Ridge was the product of several massive lava flows hundreds of feet deep that welled up in faults created by the rifting apart of North America ...

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