MEP may refer to:

  • Member of the European Parliament, an elected politician in the European Union
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, a part of the building design industry
  • Mean effective pressure, of internal combustion engines
  • Media embedded Processor (MeP), a CPU design from Toshiba Semiconductor
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a NIST program that provides business and technical assistance to manufacturers
  • Melanophlogite, a zeolite-like polymorph of silica (SiO2).
  • Meopham railway station, England, station code MEP
  • Message Exchange Pattern, a communications protocol concept
  • Missions étrangères de Paris, a French Catholic missionary organization
  • Model European Parliament, part of the Model European Communities Project
  • Motor evoked potential, a type of evoked potential,
  • Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo, (People's Electoral Movement), a left-wing political party of Venezuela
  • Movimento Esperança Portugal (Hope for Portugal Movement), a minor political party in Portugal
  • MEP, an unidentifiable mammalian creature found in the Odd Todd cartoon series & website.
  • Multi Engine Piston, a pilot's rating class
  • Mission Essential Personnel, a defense contractor in Columbus, Ohio specializing in linguistic and role-playing personnel
  • Mars Exploration Program, a NASA program for the exploration of Mars

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... Defenders of the Strasbourg seat, like the MEP for Germany Bernd Posselt, however claim that the figure is rather a mere 40 million euro, i.e ... The Green party has also noted the environmental cost in a study led by Jean Lambert, MEP and Caroline Lucas, MEP in addition to the extra financial cost, there are ... public as "a money-wasting junket hugely enjoyed by journalists, MEPs and researchers" when in fact it is "a money-wasting junket loathed by journalists ...
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