Meher Baba's Missing Book

Meher Baba's missing book is a book that Meher Baba wrote by hand between 1925 and 1926 in Meherabad, India which went missing in 1958.

In October 1925 Baba ordered the building of a large table, four feet wide and seven feet in length, which became known as the table-cabin. Baba would spend several hours a day writing a book in this small cabin, but did not reveal its contents. The book was sealed in a black box. Meher Baba carried it with him to the West in 1931 and allowed Mahatma Gandhi to read several pages aboard the SS Rajputana. The book was also taken to the United States. It was then brought back to India and given into the care of disciples Ramjoo Abdulla, Sarosh Irani, and Kaka Baria with instructions that it be kept locked in a safe deposit box under their names in a bank in Bombay. The Book remained there for the next twenty one years before it was brought back to Baba by Ramjoo Abdulla on Baba's instruction and then disappeared in 1958. On January 25, 1969, just six days before Baba's death, Eruch Jessawala asked Baba, "What about your book?" Baba assured him, "It is in good hands." But he did not convey with whom.

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