Mega Man Battle Network Series

Mega Man Battle Network Series

The Mega Man Battle Network series is one of Capcom's Mega Man series and debuted in 2001 on the Game Boy Advance. It is a spin-off series based on the original Mega Man. In Japan, as of the release of Rockman EXE Transmission in 2003, the series has been known as Rockman EXE; prior to this it was called Battle Network Rockman EXE. There are six main Battle Network games as well as several side-story or gaiden games.

This spin-off combines elements of the classic Mega Man stories with the high-tech world of computers, and thus CamelCase is predominantly used in logos.

Terms are listed with English term first, followed by the original Japanese term.

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... MegaMan Network Transmission for the GameCube and MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge for the Game Boy Advance (originally called Rockman EXE N1 Grand Prix for the Wonderswan ... Other sidestory games include RockMan EXE Phantom of Network and RockMan EXE Legend of Network for Japanese Cell Phones ... RockMan EXE WS was a different telling of Mega Man NT Warrior as a side-scroller, while RockMan EXE 4.5 Real Operation introduced a new story and many differences in the gameplay ...
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